It’s no secret that my running has been kind of suck-tastic since mid-November. I ran completed two half-marathons on half-assed training, and it showed. But the last couple of weeks, things were starting to look up, although like I said yesterday, it has been a two steps forward, one step back situation.

This morning I expected no different as I headed out, hoping to run about four miles on a beautiful morning, sunny and in the low 60s. I ran the same route as last weekend, and when I got to the traffic light at the entrance to my neighborhood, I had to wait a minute or so but I remembered to walk across the intersection. So far, so good.

I took a water break at the park around about 1.25 miles, and everything still felt fine, dare I say normal. I ran up to the half-mile trail along the little reservoir, out the other side, and back down the street. This section was mildly hilly (the kind of hills you don’t notice when you’re driving but find all too real on foot) and still, my leg felt fine. Not a twinge, not an ache, nothing. And I wasn’t feeling tired or sluggish either. No “maybe I should walk up that hill” or “how much further??” I just felt … good.


Instead of taking the direct route back to the park with the water fountain, I headed up a side street and approached the park from the other end, then ran past the playground and picnic area to the water fountain. By this time I’d gone about three miles, which doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but for weeks I’ve not made it anywhere near this far without some kind of reminder of my injury. And still, nothing hurt.

I had to wait forever at the traffic light, and when it turned, I remembered to start off walking, then gently picked it up halfway through the intersection. More success! The last mile home, I began to think that just maybe, I was going to finish strong, a completely pain-free run.

And I did. 

I ran 4.17 miles. I didn’t hurt. I never felt like I wanted to walk or wondered if I should walk because of discomfort. I was slow because I’m essentially starting over, but I wasn’t sluggish. My steps were light and easy, not heavy and clunky. I don’t remember the last time everything came together the way it did today, even for a relatively short run like this.

And now, coffee. Because I’m happy!

I think this kid sums it up for me:

Maybe, just maybe, I’m okay too.


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