The weather sucks and I don’t care

Because I get to run!

Tuesday it was 40-something and drizzling, but instead of complaining I found an older pair of shoes and ran 3.25 miles. Fortunately I mostly avoided the puddles, and the one time I misjudged and drenched my whole right foot, I had maybe .1 left to go.

Thursday it was 30-something and windy. But I didn’t care. I grabbed my gloves and a windbreaker and ran just over three miles. This one was a little harder since the route had quite a few hilly sections. Not big hills, but enough to out some extra strain on my calf.

Tomorrow I’m bringing out the big guns: I’m going to increase my distance to FOUR miles instead of three.

Six weeks ago, a four-mile Saturday run sounded ridiculous. Who gets out of bed just to run four miles? Well, after my involuntary hiatus, four sounds glorious. It could rain, snow, sleet, or hail and you’ll still find me out there.

Someday, after this injury train has chugged off into the sunset, I am sure I will forget this feeling of post-injury euphoria. But for now, the weather sucks and I don’t care.


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