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When I first started running, I generally didn’t go very far from home. Usually the three-mile loop around my neighborhood was more than sufficient, and running alone wasn’t a huge worry. But when I moved into half-marathon training with Rogue, no one in my group ran the same (slow) pace I did, so I was often out for hours by myself. I don’t have any major medical conditions–I’m allergic to penicillin, but it’s not one of those things generally administered in an emergency situation. And I have asthma, but it’s pretty minor and I’ve never had any kind of breathing crisis. Even so, our routes take us across busy intersections–I am generally alert and aware, but some drivers still suck. What if something happened to me out there? I have always carried my phone with me, but tracking apps deplete the battery. Plus my iPhone locks with a passcode, and until recently it wasn’t possible to access emergency information unless I’d set it as my lock screen photo. Which I never remembered to do.

So I got the shoe version of the Road I.D., a small stainless steel plate that attaches to my shoes with a reflective velcro strap. It lists my name, city, emergency contact info, allergies, and that I’m an organ donor.

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Last year I bought a kids’ version for B since he runs slower than his dad but faster than me, so we don’t race together. After he finished his second half-marathon this summer I got him the extra 13.1 badge for it. I’ve also bought shoe I.D.s for my spouse and my dad, since all of us are active–separately–as well.

The other day Road I.D. emailed me a $5 discount code, so I decided to use it to try out the sport wristband and the ankle band–both are interchangeable with my existing I.D. plate. To reach the $10 minimum order, I added a 13.1 badge for the wristband, and with the discount I spent a grand total of $10.90. I’m looking forward to having a couple of different options.

I guess since I spent some money with them, they sent me a link to share:

Full disclosure: I get a $10 credit for every person who orders using this code, but I am not a paid reviewer nor did I receive anything for free. I just think it’s smart for folks like me and my family to have an easy way to carry I.D. since we are not always close to home when we’re out running or biking. They also have a free app (for both Apple and Android) that you can use to set your lock screen picture and others can use to track you –also good options, although I always worry about these things sucking down my phone battery, rendering it useless as an iPod or for an emergency.

Whatever form of I.D. you use, be careful out there.


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