The hydration situation

Each of the last three times I traveled for a race, I hydrated poorly in the days leading up to the event, and I was horribly sick immediately following it. What’s that saying about fool me once…. ? Oops.

I’m not traveling for this weekend’s 3M Half Marathon, unless you count the 15-minute drive to the start. And I’m not 100% sure (poor) hydration is the culprit, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence either. Thanks to Nurse K for making the connection for me, I’ve got a plan for the upcoming week.

I don’t much like plain water unless it’s REALLY cold–more ice than water is ideal–and it’s summertime. January, not so much. But a couple of years ago I discovered sparkling lime water, and I drink it by the liter (except when I’m traveling, obviously). I keep smaller bottles in my fridge at school as well.

Nectar of the gods

Nectar of the gods

The problem is that my job does not lend itself to copious water consumption, since I teach 90-minute classes with one break in the morning and a 30-minute lunch, but my classes meet straight through after noon. Teachers learn early on not to drink a lot with lunch due to, shall we say, limited opportunities for restroom breaks.

This week, however, I’m going to test the hydration theory. Less so on Tuesday – Thursday, but I’m taking Friday off work, so Friday and Saturday I’m going to hold onto a water bottle like Lego Darth Vader grips a light saber.

And we’ll see how it goes.


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  1. I bet you will definitely notice a difference. I totally know the hydration issue. We teach classes in Central Park and there aren’t a lot of bathrooms and the ones that are there are pretty awful. I feel like I wait til the evening to hydrate and then I am up all night. Viscous cycle!


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