2015 looks a lot like 2014 so far

At Rogue’s Resolution Kickoff event yesterday morning, organizers had set up a Resolution Wall on which runners could write their running resolutions and goals for the year. Mine? Avoid injury.

But in order for me to start working on that one, I’d have to actually get to a point at which I am injury-free. And I’m definitely not there yet.

After another week of treatment and rest, my calf felt a lot better so I decided to try to run Saturday, with the proviso that I’d quit if it hurt. I (quite optimistically stupidly) hoped for eight, maybe 10-12 miles to make up for the lost mileage over the last two or three weeks. But honestly, a pain-free six would have been fine too.

It was 38* and overcast when we set out. The previous night’s thunderstorms had left large puddles everywhere, but at least the rain had stopped. It took me the whole first mile to find a good running (and breathing) rhythm. I was clearly paying for my weeks of inactivity. But so far, so good on the calf situation.

We got water, then turned into the neighborhood. The street is pretty flat at first, then drops down and up. I took the uphill part slowly, not wanting to risk anything. And for the next half-mile, I plodded along without incident. I hyperfocused on my calf with every step, waiting for the other shoe to drop. It felt a little tight, maybe achey, but I kept hoping it would loosen up. As I approached the turnoff into the adjacent neighborhood, though, I could no longer deny that it hurt. Again. I sent my friend ahead and slowed to a walk. Hoping for some magical healing (because doesn’t that always happen??) I tried to run again. No such luck.

Hearing my sports doctor’s voice in my head (“You can try to run, but don’t be stupid“) I turned around. My watch said I’d gone 2.25 miles.

I turned on my ESPN college football podcast (at least Jameis Winston’s week was worse than mine) to distract me, and I walked back. In case you’re wondering, 38 degrees is fine for running, but it pretty much sucks when you have to walk 2.25 miles back–it literally added insult to injury.

In an attempt at the glass-half-full thing, I will say that even if I only ran two miles, it was 1.99 miles further than I ran last time I tried. Progress. But I’m done sitting around: on Tuesday and Thursday I will show up for training, even if I only run a mile out and back. From there–possibly waiting right until the start time–I will decide if I’m running my 10K race on Sunday.

New year, same old problems. 😉


2 thoughts on “2015 looks a lot like 2014 so far

  1. Don’t let it get to you too much. You are being smart and playing it safe. I love your doctor’s advice (easier said than done ;). I know how it feels. My husband and I have both had injuries where we have said it feels like we can’t imagine when we will ever feel normal again. But it will and just imagine how wonderful it will feel then!


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