I iz no run

A little history: back in the fall of 2011, I developed an indeterminate hip flexor injury. Saw an orthopedist, had an MRI, took two months off, went to a sports massage therapist, and eventually it stopped hurting. I had a flare-up in late 2012 and went to a sports doctor, which pretty much did the trick. In early 2013 I strained my calf, and while it generally doesn’t bother me, occasionally it feels tight if I don’t keep up with foam rolling it. And then there was the Great IT Band Episode of 2014. All of these mishaps occurred on my left side, but evidently I’ve run out of left-side appendages to bother me, and now I’ve got something wrong with my right hip.

At first, it felt like a like I’d bruised it. I’m short, and very frequently I bump my hip on school furniture–student desks are at just the right height for that. So I chalked it up to clumsiness and figured it would be fine in a few days. Except two weeks later, it’s not.

Last Tuesday, we ran just over six miles, the middle 3.5 at 10K pace up and down some minor hills. By the end of the run, my hip was pretty sore. And it started to feel less like a surface bruise and more like it’s deeper in the hip flexor–the same pain I used to get on my left side. Fantastic.

Thursday’s five-mile Turkey Trot was a hilly course, and by the end I was hurting. I took it easy Friday, then decided to skip Saturday morning’s run to give it more rest. Because I have a half-marathon in two weeks, I was only supposed to run 90-minutes this weekend, and it seemed smart to take an extra rest day and try it today.

At 9AM, I headed out the door with the idea that I’d run up to the high school, loop around the back, and return the same way. It’s a route I’ve run before, pretty flat with good sidewalks and few street crossings. Except that I only got a half-mile down my street when I started to feel the pain returning. As much as I didn’t want to wimp out, I knew it would only get worse if I kept going. So I bailed and walked home.

Guess it’s more foam rolling and rest for me today.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear your hip is bothering you, especially when you’ve had similar pain on the other hip! I have hip flexor issues too – mostly because I have a desk job and they are shortened most of the day. Yoga has helped me open up my hips a lot and if I don’t constantly work on them, they go back to being a pain again.


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