Busy week

Last weekend, I knew it was the calm before the storm. I knew I had a lot on my calendar. And I still underestimated how exhausting the whole thing would actually be. Last Saturday’s hilly six miles was the easiest part of the entire operation, if that tells you anything.

Saturday night we went to the Texas – Iowa State football game, which came down to a field goal with three seconds left.

Near the end of the second quarter, I started losing my voice. I’m pretty sure this play did me in. By the end of the game, I could only speak in squeaks. I sounded like a blend of Kathleen Turner and Elmo. Which makes my job as a teacher kind of difficult!

Monday after work a friend and I went to a “Princess Bride” quote-along show with none other than Westley himself! We were way up in the balcony of The Long Center, but no matter.

"As you wish."

“As you wish.”

The event started at 8pm with an intro from Cary Elwes, then in true Alamo Drafthouse style, we quoted along with the film. Well, I sort of squeaked along, since my voice hadn’t returned. They’d also given us inflatable swords, which we brandished mightily at each swordfighting scene. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

After the film, Elwes told some hilarious stories about the making of the film, then on the way out we each received a signed copy of his book, plus an Alamo Drafthouse-Princess Bride pint glass. Awesome.

I got home around midnight, then coughed on and off all night. I think I managed about four hours of sleep. Tuesday, my voice still had the Kathleen Turner – Elmo thing going on. Fortunately my students are reading a novel, and I could put a lot of stuff on the projector, limiting my speaking role.

Tuesday evening I went to my regular Rogue training. I ended up running four miles–one mile warmup and cooldown, then the middle two miles were half-mile segments of speedwork. My ankle bothered me, likely from the downhill portions of Saturday’s run, and I opted to run four loops instead of five.

Wednesday was my one “rest” day, as far as not having after-school obligations. My ankle felt better, so I ran the three-mile loop around my neighborhood. Then I crashed early.

Thursday was another long day. After school I had a National Board meeting–my certification is up for renewal and my district holds monthly meetings (and pays the renewal fees!) to help renewal candidates complete the process. Unfortunately, these meetings are held at a school near downtown, requiring me to navigate some of the worst Austin traffic at the worst possible time of day. On the upside, it allowed me to swing by packet pickup for Sunday’s Run for the Water, saving me a separate trip.

I ran this race in 2012, then volunteered at a water stop in 2013. Back to running it this year!

I ran this race in 2012, then volunteered at a water stop in 2013. Back to running it this year!

The shirts followed the recent trend of Austin races–tiny tiny tiny. I had to try a couple of different shirts before I found an appropriate size. Sigh. But if I had been about 30 minutes later, I would have seen the race’s founder, Gilbert Tuhabonye, signing copies of his book.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/RunForTheWater

After I got my race stuff, I headed to my meeting. It wrapped up around 7:15, after which I had a 45-minute drive home. I normally leave the house around 6:30am and get home around 4:30pm. Because I’m up early every day, anything past 8pm is LATE. And three late nights in one week? Exhausting.

Tomorrow’s race starts at 7am, which means a 5:30 departure from my house) so  it was a no-brainer for me to skip Saturday’s run at Rogue. According to Facebook, a bunch of my friends had races today, but I slept until about 8–when my cat decided it was time to get up.

No room for me

No room for me

We’re taking it easy today–straightening up around the house, watching college football, catching up on my reading. Tomorrow: Run for the Water–a great race for a great cause.

Since I ran a ten-miler two weeks ago, I know I can handle the distance. But it’s a hilly course, and because of my IT band thing, I’m a bit behind in my fall training and I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be. As a result, I don’t have much in the way of time goals for this one–I’d just like to run strong and finish it faster than when I ran it in 2012. Especially since my honor society students are volunteering at a water stop–gotta represent!


Do you have a race this weekend? What race?

Please tell me you’re a “Princess Bride” fan??


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  1. That Princess Bride event sounds so cool. I just read that part out loud to my husband. When we were first dating, well over 10 years ago I threw my back out and was stuck in bed one night. He came by and brought with him a tattered old copy of the Princess Bride and read it to me. What an awesome memory!


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