D.C. or bust!

As I prepared to head out for our 40-minute training run last night, I worried about my knee. It had felt a little funky after Wednesday night’s hill repeats, and this route would be no easier. But I started running and nothing hurt–based on past experience, I’d know right away–so I breathed a sigh of relief and headed out.

We ran through a gated neighborhood. At first I just saw fancy-schmancy houses set back on large lots, but after making a left turn into the hills, I realized those were the starter homes. Huge mansions–one looked more like a cathedral than a residence–and long, steep, winding driveways filled the rolling hills. And then the rolling hills became steep Alps-like hills. I followed my coach’s advice to walk the hills, which, for the latter part of the trip out meant walking a lot. But my breathing was still raspy and it was hot and I was worried about my knee and my race, so I tried to just take it easy.

Didya think all of Texas was flat desert?

Didya think all of Texas was flat desert?

After 20 minutes I turned around. With the walking, my 40-minute run wasn’t quite three miles, but my first and last mile–where it was flat–were almost the same pace, so even though it was slow and my breathing wasn’t great, I managed a pretty consistent run anyway.

Later today I’m flying to D.C. where The Three Musketeers take on the Army Ten-Miler!


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