Slow and steady

At the moment, I am sitting on my couch with an ice pack on my left IT band and a compression wrap on my right ankle, and I tossed back a couple of ibuprofen with my coffee. I feel like a football player after a game. Maybe I should ice my pitching arm too?

The good news is that it’s all pre-emptive.

Since my first successful post-injury run, I’ve taken it slowly. I have walked, biked, and busted my ass in core class. I ran 2.5 miles on Monday–it was cloudy and drizzly, and I couldn’t pass that up–then 3.2 miles on Wednesday. That second run, the first mile felt strong and awesome, but then my knee twinged a bit during the second mile so I walked on and off and didn’t push it too hard. I stuck to cycling and walking the other days, knowing that Saturday morning would be a pretty big test. I hoped to run five miles pain-free.

The humidity was about a billion and one percent 85% as I headed out. In my early-morning fog I forgot my little sweat towel, which would suck later. And I was testing out some new running clothes–a tank top and skirt. I’m not nine feet tall, though, so it looks a bit different on me than on the Athleta model. 😉 I’m not a total running skirt convert yet, but I like the way this one looks on others and thought maybe I could pull it off.

I ran the first mile–slowly, but without any pain. During the second mile, the humidity was killing me and I was already super-sweaty when the skirt’s shorts with the grippy stuff started to slide around a bit, and there was some chafing. After an awkward half-mile, I managed to get it straightened out and it was okay the rest of the way. But this is definitely a short-mileage item–not something I’d wear for a half-marathon or a long run over 5-6 miles. I love the shirt though–it’s some kind of microfiber and felt really comfortable.

On the way out, it’s mostly flat with a couple of downhill sections. I turned around at 2.5 miles, and on the return’s uphills, I walked. I wanted to take it easy on the IT band, and my ankle had been a little sore the last week too, so I thought it would be wise not to push too hard. I ran the last mile back–again, I was slow but pain-free. I’ll call it a win all the way around.

Afterwards I foam-rolled, then did the ice-brace-ibuprofen thing. But I feel pretty confident that I’m on the road to recovery. Slow and steady wins the race gets me back into the game.



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