In a desperate serious effort to rehab my knee, I took the last six days off from running. Instead, I rode my bike a total of 40 miles (over three days) and walked three miles. Today was my third appointment with my sports doctor, and before he went after my knee and IT band with the medieval torture Graston tool, I asked for advice about running this week.

I’m allowed to try again as long as I have a bailout plan. I’m not sure whether I will try to run with my training group, or if I will go the baby-steps route and just run-walk an easy loop around my ‘hood. I could also stick to walking and biking for another week or more–I am willing to dial it all back if it helps my knee heal. I have a relay, two ten-milers, and a half-marathon on the calendar between September and December, and if resting it now allows me to make those races at close to 100%, I’m all for it.

But here’s the real dilemma: a couple of months ago, B and I signed up for an untimed half marathon like the one we ran last summer. It’s pretty informal–some people are even running it as a virtual race. Our only goal was to run-walk it and have fun–and earn that medal. Well, that race is coming up Saturday.

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Running (or even run-walking) it is out of the question. I have accepted that. So I’m left with three options:

  1. B and I can walk the whole thing. It will likely take us 4.5 hours, but it would meet the goal of completing it together. And we would both earn our medals.
  2. B can run it and try to improve his (Garmin) time from last year, and I can walk it at my own pace. Some other friends are probably going to walk it as well, so I doubt I would be completely on my own. B and I wouldn’t be together, but we’d both finish.
  3. B can run it and I can be his cheerleader, riding my bike to various checkpoints to meet him along the way. I’d let him wear my Garmin and give it all he had. But that leaves me with a medal I didn’t earn.

Last week, when my sacrificing this race became a distinct possibility, he said, “It’s okay Mom. I can run the whole thing and earn medals for both of us.” I think no matter what we decide to do, he will make me proud.


If you were in my shoes, what option would you choose?

I’m really over being injured. How do you deal with a setback?



8 thoughts on “Dilemma

    • Ha! 😉 Thanks Robyn. I may walk it with a couple of others on Saturday–we’ll see how it feels and what B wants to do. Thanks for putting it all together again this year!


  1. Some runners are doing one mile or less walking a day to work up to the 5k option. You can totally earn this on your own. That’s the point of MRTT. Anyone can do it at whatever point or skill level they are in their running career. (running career? Is that a thing?) Don’t feel that you haven’t earned it M. You have the entire month of August to walk 3.1 miles. I am excited to see B running the race again:D Walk yours casually through out this week and bike along with B. You can get your medals together legit.


  2. Total rest. Be well. Allow B the pride of doing something for Mom. It’ll make you both feel good.

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  3. I personally wouldn’t want anyone to have to slow down for me, though I would appreciate it if they did. I would probably try to walk it. But speaking from experience, I wish I would’ve skipped some training runs/races when I was battling IT. But I totes understand not wanting to.


  4. I think what I’d do is let him go ahead and run it and let him try to beat his time while I walked it. I would feel bad with a medal I didn’t earn, so I’d at least try to make an attempt, but I also wouldn’t want to slow someone else down if they were curious if they could beat their time.

    I hope you start feeling better soon!


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