Earlier in the week, B bashed his forehead on the corner of a filing cabinet. It wasn’t a gash that required stitches–it looked like more of a puncture surrounded by a quarter-sized goose egg. But foreheads bleed a lot, so it looked worse than it was. He was kind of freaked out, particularly because he goes to camp in a few days, but I told him that if I were worried, I’d have already taken him to the doctor. Like I did when he sliced open his thumb (which required seven stitches and a tetanus shot) or when he fell and got a concussion (which earned him a CT scan and a limitation on activity). He didn’t have a headache or any other complaints, so I told him he’s lucky he has a hard head.

Like his mom.

This morning I got up to run with Rogue, and since it was “bring a friend” day, I dragged B out of bed and got him to run with me. We’re doing an informal half-marathon in a few weeks and I thought perhaps he should run a few miles between now and then. So we met up with my running buddies and took off for our 90-minute run. It was a beautiful morning–70 degrees! In July!–so I  had high hopes for an enjoyable six or seven miles. Alas, right from the start I had my doubts. See, about two weeks ago, my IT band started bothering me, right where it meets the knee.

But I iced it, taped it, foam rolled the hell out of it, and rested it. I thought I’d rehabbed it successfully, since it didn’t bother me at all during last weekend’s 10K or any of my runs this week. This morning, though, right off the bat my left knee felt tight and painful. I kept going, crossing my fingers that it would loosen up and I could get through my 90-minute run. But it didn’t. B and I ran the first 45 minutes–he regaled me with tales of Minecraft and I concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. But after we turned around, I had to take some walk breaks. I ran the last mile back, then took some Vitamin I(buprofen) and sat down with the foam roller. My knee felt better after that, but now I’m at home with an ice pack on it.

I feel kind of cheated. We don’t get 70-degree mornings in July very often, and everyone around me exclaimed how much they enjoyed their runs. Me? Even when I was running it was hardly faster than some people’s walking pace. I had to grit my teeth to get through it. I’m grateful for B and my running buddies who helped me along the way, but wow it hurt. And it puts my run-every-day-in-Galveston goal in jeopardy, too.

So that brings me to the question: Is this a way to be tough and power through the pain! situation, or a you’re a hardheaded, stubborn dumbass for continuing the run when something is clearly wrong one? B says it’s both. 😉


Have you continued to run through pain? Was it a wise choice?

Any suggestions for alleviating IT band pain?



6 thoughts on “Hardheaded

  1. Ouch. Ok. I battled IT for years. It was awful. It’s best if you can nip it in the bud now. Not worth it to make it worse. I’d say rest and ice to let the inflammation go down.
    I found that the key was strengthening my muscle groups independently. That means doing one legged squats and lunges, planks, etc. Yoga. Etc.
    It’s an imbalance injury, so you need to balance it out. Check your shoes. Check your form. And yes, foam roll, fish oil, stretch, chiro, graston, etc. Best of luck to you!!!


    • Thanks! I’m going to see my chiro/sports doc next week. He does ART and Graston. For now, I’m in Galveston and I’m doing strengthening exercises. Fingers crossed!


  2. I thought for sure you were writing about me! I think it is the runner’s nature to be hard headed. I will run on an injury with denial until I get to the point where there is no more denying it and I am in tears. So frustrating. Try massaging the heck out of your IT band. Swing your affected leg over the other and use your knuckles to really dig in there or get a loved one to do it and torture you. I really hope you are feeling better soon.


  3. My IT band has been feeling a little sore recently. Foam rolling several times a day has helped and taking time for rest and cross training. My philosophy: if it hurts, take time off to avoid something that could sideline you long term. Be careful! Don’t hurt yourself!


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