Here’s to us

We’ve only run one race together, the three of us–and even then, we weren’t really together–but the 2013 Cleveland Half Marathon weekend was so much fun, J, K, and I have been plotting to meet up for another race ever since. Officially, that will be this fall’s Army Ten-Miler, but the stars aligned this coming weekend as well, and the three of us are getting together for an unofficial race.

It started when J put her name in the lottery for the Chesapeake Bay Swim. She’d completed that race in college but had mostly stuck to running since then. After her Achilles injury last year, though, she got back into swimming and decided to give it a shot. I promised to be waiting at the finish. Well, as luck would have it, she wasn’t picked for the lottery, so she turned her focus to completing the one-mile swim with a time that guaranteed entry to next year’s race. Thus her newfound love of swimming, combined with her wonky Achilles that squelched her distance running plans, led her to sign up for a summer triathlon in the little town where her family has a weekend house. Since I didn’t visit for the Bay Swim, I decided to come for the triathlon. Our kids are best of friends, and it seemed like as good of an excuse as any.

Fast forward to June, when K kicked around the idea of driving down from Ohio to cheer her on with me. Schedules worked out and things fell into place, reuniting the three of us from Cleveland. Once those plans were solidified, J had a request: since she’s still not running at her regular pace, would K and I run the 10K portion of the triathlon alongside her for moral support? The answer was a resounding Hell Yeah!

So later this week I’m packing my running shoes and B and I will head east. Another friend is joining us as well, so the head count stands at four adults and seven kids ranging in age from 3-11 years old. We’re coming by plane, train, and automobile. And it’s going to be EPIC.

Here’s to us–let’s give them hell.

(NSFW–language warning!)


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