Life is pain. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

This morning, we started out early–6:15–to beat the summer heat. What we got instead? Humidity. It was like a fireswamp out there. My breathing was better, but I felt slow and sluggish.

At least I saw no R.O.U.S.

As we slogged along for six slow miles and complained about  how uncomfortable we were, I thought about the races I’ve scheduled for the fall: two ten-milers and a half-marathon. I wondered what the hell I was thinking. I was miserable and slow. Then it rained–woohoo, 100% humidity!–and I felt temporarily cooler. But my quads hurt from the speed and hill workouts earlier this week. And my pace came nowhere near a respectable race pace. Distance too, for that matter! Fall races sounded completely impossible.

Every hill felt like the Cliffs of Insanity

I’ve been telling myself that this work in the heat will pay off when the weather cools down again. And I know it’s true from training through the two previous summers. But in the moment, when I can barely shuffle along, I have doubts. But then one of my friends commented, “We’re going to get slower before we get faster.” It was kind of a lightbulb moment. Yes, the whole summer we will plod out slow, hot, unpleasant, painful training runs. We will complain and sweat and probably become delirious.

Mostly dead, not all dead.

Mostly dead, not all dead.

But you rush a miracle man and you get rotten miracles. So we will work hard, and eventually we will get faster.

Anything else would be inconceivable.


9 thoughts on “Life is pain. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

  1. Running in the humidity is the worst! I was dragging my feet during a 2 mile run this weekend. Only two miles! But at least I got through it and am hoping that when it cools down I will be faster =)


  2. I love this whole Princess Bride theme! I had a lot of runners yesterday that really struggled both mentally and physically through the humidity. It is scary and hard to tell when it is just the humidity or something else. Great job pushing through and remember that your body will start to get used to this soon and you are going to be so much stronger come fall!


  3. Such great insight 🙂 I hate, hate, hate the humidity….but when I trained over the summers for soccer and field hockey when I was younger, everything felt easier in the fall! Plus I gave into my hatred of the humidity all this week by not working out and that made me feel worse than I do when I’m slugging through the humidity. Good luck with your training!


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