Vacation running: Miami Beach

Our last full day in Florida, I woke up early and went out for my final run on the beach. Considering the South Beach nightlife (think Miami Vice), I figured I was the only one awake. And indeed, the guy passed out on the street corner as I walked the three blocks from our hotel to the beach seemed to support that theory.

But the beach itself was packed with runners and walkers, and it was a gorgeous morning.


I ran south, pretty much to the end of the small island that makes up South Beach. Runners passed in both directions. Workers had begun setting out rental beach chairs and umbrellas. A yoga class was going on in the shade of one of the lifeguard towers. A guy was involved in some kind of photo shoot at another.

Each of the towers is different. One was painted like a tiki hut, another a lighthouse. They’re really cool, and they helped me orient myself as I ran.

At the end of the beach, a dozen different people ran strength drills on the path, the grass, or the little hill. I’d gone about a mile and a half at this point, and my back was hurting despite running on the beach instead of concrete, so I turned around and ran back to where I’d started.

From there I took a different route down Ocean Drive back to the hotel, past the iconic Art Deco buildings that define South Beach.


We went for breakfast at a nearby Cuban restaurant, then spent the rest of the day at the beach and at our hotel’s rooftop pool.


Thanks, South Florida. We had a great week.