Between the raindrops

Texas has been in a significant drought for the past two years, so rain is kind of a novelty. Thus we were surprised by raindrops on the windshield as we drove to the lake.

The weather is a fickle mistress around here. Even when parts of Central Texas flooded recently, others got zilcho. Our little lake is the latter–it’s been more than two years since any significant precipitation filled it up, and most docks have been out of the water for a while.


Our dock is not terribly useful these days

But apparently it had rained a couple of inches the day before we got up here, because we drove around puddles of water all along the road leading to the lake. Our arrival corresponded with a burst of rain, and the temperature dropped about ten degrees, so I was glad I’d brought my running stuff. I’ve run out here before–the caliche road makes a pretty nice three-mile loop around the lake, and there’s not a lot of traffic to contend with this time of year. Just the sound of mooing cows and rain clouds looming in the distance.

Mid-afternoon, there was a break in the rain, so I headed out. About a quarter-mile into it, I had to pick my way across a section of road that was completely under water.


Water hazard

I managed to make it across without getting my feet wet–I kind of tiptoed over some rocks off to the right. Honestly, I didn’t mind, because this meant water was flowing into the lake again.

From here, the road veered away from the lake for a half-mile or so. No houses, just the occasional passing truck, four-wheeler pulling a boat trailer, or in one case, a guy driving a front loader.

And then I got to civilization again, in the form of one family playing croquet on their lawn and another trying to fish off possibly the only dock still in the water.


Halfway around

The trees shading the road along the stretch behind the dam made me temporarily forget I was in Texas. It felt cooler, deserted. Only tire tracks in the mud hinted at the existence of other people out here.

I turned onto the main road, headed back to the house. It started drizzling again, but I finished 3.1 miles without getting totally doused. Which is good, because the purple dye in my hair was still kind of fresh and might have made a mess of my yellow shirt.


Purple rain?

I’ve been kind of bored running the same couple of routes lately, so getting out and seeing some different scenery was a pleasant change. And I managed to fit in my run between two rainstorms, so I guess karma was on my side. Must be the purple rain hair.


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