The sky, a bruise, and other grey things

Gravity is one of those concepts I don’t think much about, one way or the other. But earlier this week, the unfortunate combination of tall shoes and those lego-like bumps on sidewalks reminded me the hard way. I have always mistrusted those bumps when I’m running; now I put them in the same category as stepping on actual Legos in the middle of the night, or eating the wrong thing before a race. Dangerous.


Haiku: Sidewalk bumps, tall shoes. What do you think happened next? Hope no one saw that.

The road rash on my palms faded pretty quickly, but I still have a bruise the size of the Ace of Clubs just below my right knee and a scrape along the top of my left foot.

Tuesday I ran the three-mile neighborhood loop, and I managed to stay upright for the duration. Thursday I came through core class largely unscathed, aside from the usual pain inflicted by Coach Robyn.

This morning I got up and ran five miles: 1.25 out to the middle school, ten laps around the track, and 1.25 miles back. I listened to a Stuff You Should Know podcast and tried not to lose count of the laps. It was overcast and humid–I think I sweat out every drop of water in my body. My ponytail is about a foot long, and by the time I got home, the whole thing was soaking wet. Yowza. It started to drizzle on me as I got to my driveway. Thank goodness I didn’t slip and fall–I don’t need any more bruises.


3 thoughts on “The sky, a bruise, and other grey things

  1. Stupid gravity!
    I almost busted it about a week ago, I did the whole, flapping my arms like a giant uncoordinated bird to try and catch my balance thing. It worked, I didn’t actually fall, but I’m sure it looked just as silly to the cars passing by.


  2. Ouch. Hope you are healing nicely! Those falls are the worst. The day my husband proposed to me we were leaving lunch and as we walked down the side walk I rolled my ankle and fell down, scraping my hands, legs, and knees. It was so embarrassing. Later he told me he was so scare that I had just ruined his big surprise! Feel better soon!


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