Coffee and tacos

These are a few two of my favorite things.

Especially after a long run.

In fact, toward the end of the run, it’s really all I can think about. Coffee and tacos, coffee and tacos. It becomes a mantra that I repeat out loud the last mile or two.

Most Saturdays, M and B go out for breakfast at the local Mexican restaurant while I run, and they bring back special tacos just for me. There’s nothing like coming home to find those delicious foil-wrapped rectangles on the counter. I fire up the coffee machine and scarf them down before I even take a shower, usually.


This is the largest mug I own.

This morning, though, the guys were out of town, so after my run I swung by Taco Shack. I had been craving a regular crispy taco–not the usual breakfast variety–but unfortunately it was too early in the day. They wouldn’t serve regular tacos for another half-hour or so. And a fajita meat substitute just would not do. And waiting wasn’t an option. I’d run 10 miserable miles in 100% humidity–I was a mess, and my presence alone probably violated all kinds of health codes. So I left empty-handed.

I foraged for something decent at home, and I made my coffee. Now that I’ve ensconced myself on the couch, I really have no desire to go back out in the rain, even for tacos. The guys should be home later this afternoon–it won’t take much to convince them to take me out for Mexican food. I burned over 1000 calories this morning–if that doesn’t earn me coffee and tacos, I don’t know what will.

What’s your favorite post-run food?


7 thoughts on “Coffee and tacos

  1. I crave breakfast after long runs or hard workouts…and I mean the full monty: 4 eggs scrambled with cheese; bacon and sausage; waffle with extra butter and warm syrup; crispy hash browns with brown gravy; raisin toast; and gallons of coffee – THAT’S the ticket!! (Of course, I’m on a 4000 calorie a day diet, trying to gain about 10 pounds – it’s not working yet 😦 )


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