I spy with my little eye…

… a bunch of weird stuff when I’m out running.

My neighborhood is quirky–we aren’t in the city limits and don’t have restrictive HOA rules. Many people live on a half-acre or more and have built large garages or workshops next to their houses. It seems to be a Mecca for car guys–many of these garages (including ours) contain old hot rods and restoration projects. But that’s not all. On my ventures around the ‘hood, I see all kinds of interesting things. Here are a few.

A double-decker London Bus that’s been converted to a food truck:


Fish -n- Chips!

Herbie the Love Bug:



A Little Free Library:.


Little Free Library


Peacocks on the roof

Peacocks on the roof

Fresh eggs from backyard chickens:


Free-range, more or less

Metal chicken sculptures:


Sculptures plural–this guy is not the only one



They’re not usually free-range

Today you can add “texting driver” and “loose dog” to the list as well.

What kinds of sights do you see when you run?



7 thoughts on “I spy with my little eye…

  1. Love all of those things, especially the double decker bus! I don’t see much that is interesting from my house, random suburban houses and people walking their dogs. I like to run through the soccer fields nearby and watch the games & hear the cheering parents as I run.


  2. That’s as random as my town! I was out for a run the other week and I spotted one of those free library’s in my town. The chicken sculptures were funny. A house I drive by on the way to work has a herd of dinosaurs in their front yard 🙂


  3. I live inside the city limits, but Houston is the most stridently anti-zoning city in the whole country, so pretty much anything goes! I have seen horses, marching mariachi bands, peacocks, a pair of red wolves (living in a guy’s backyard!) art cars, lowrider parades, wild graffiti on train cars…all within six blocks of my house, sometimes on my very own street – the slogan read, “Keep Austin weird”, but H-town can give them a run for their money!


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