Violating golden rules of race day

I’m still a relatively newbie distance runner, but one golden rule I’ve heard from the beginning is never try something new on race day. Wear familiar shoes, don’t wear the race shirt, bring gels you’ve already tried, stick to a routine. And for the most part I follow these almost superstitiously, particularly for longer races. Same protein bar, same Watermelon Gu, same Nike Dri-Fit capris, same socks, same wireless headphones I know how to work.

I once raced wearing shoes I’d only run in once before, but in my defense they were the same Mizuno Wave Riders I’ve worn for three shoe generations. In other words, it wasn’t much of a risk, particularly considering it was just a five-miler.

Yes, I do like black.

Yes, I do like black.

But for Sunday’s Austin half marathon, I’m going to violate this cardinal rule not once but twice. I’m going to wear my new Rogue shirt–gotta represent–and I will try out the FlipBelt. I’m justifying that one by telling myself that actual race day is the best way to road test it for an accurate review, which I’ll be doing in an upcoming post. The worst it can do is annoy me, I think. And I’m not really concerned about the shirt–I have a couple of similar shirts in the same brand. It’s not like I’m wearing shoes or socks I bought at the expo, right?

Have him ever tried something new on race day? How did it work out?

Want to win a FlipBelt? Stay tuned for my product review and a chance to enter a giveaway! Can’t wait? I’ll also have a 10% coupon code!


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