“I smell cold.”

B and I went running today. I gave him the choice between running two miles with me or going to core class. Running was the shorter-duration activity, but core class is indoors. Considering that today is another cold, windy day in Austin–we had a two-hour school delay due to ice this morning, and the high never got out of the 20s–I wasn’t sure which one he’d choose. It was kind of a trick question, though, since each activity had a high degree of difficulty, albeit for different reasons.

But he chose running. So we bundled up and headed out. Yowza. When the wind hit my cheeks, I almost turned around and got in the car for core class. But B started chattering away about something-or-other he’s building on Minecraft, and I figured if he wasn’t complaining, I could suck it up and do this thing.

After the first mile, we passed a house that maybe had a fire in their fireplace. B asked if I smelled anything. I replied that no, my nose was way too frozen for me to recognize individual scents. He laughed and said, “Well I smell cold.” It sure wasn’t someone cooking outside.

For anyone counting at home, Austin schools have had two two-hour delays and two completely canceled days since mid-December. And the weather forecasters are hinting at more ice overnight tonight. I can relate to the Angry BBQ.


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