On Wednesday, I started off 2014 with a six-mile hill workout. About halfway into it, as I ran across some uneven middle school terrain, I felt some soreness on the outside of my right foot, up through the ankle. But after I switched back to running on the street, it didn’t bother me and I ran another three miles up and down the hills.

When I went to bed Wednesday evening, it felt a little sore, but so did about a dozen other muscles I’d used on that run. I didn’t think much of it.

But when I got up Thursday morning, I could hardly put any weight on my right leg, at least walking normally. It didn’t hurt at all to walk on the ball of my foot, but any pressure to the outside caused pain to radiate from the base of my little toe up past the ankle and into my lower leg. And it wasn’t one of those walk-around-a-little-and-it-will-loosen-up kinds of pain, either. It actually seemed to get worse as the day went on.

On Sunday–three days from now–I am supposed to run the Rogue Distance Festival 10K as a tuneup for the 3M Half Marathon two weeks later. My training has gone well, and I think I’m on-track to meet my 3M goal, but I’d been looking forward to running the 10K to gauge my preparedness in real-time. Remember how I put all my proverbial eggs in the 3M basket? Yeah.

Yesterday afternoon I visited my sports chiropractor and he tinkered with it a bit. I also wrapped it with one of those over-the-counter brace things and tried to stay off my feet the rest of the afternoon and evening.

This morning… I don’t know. I can walk on it and it seems a liiiiiittle better, but I think that’s mostly 1) wishful thinking and 2) because I’m putting most of my weight on the ball of my foot. I tried to run in place (which requires more pressure to the outside) and that same pain shot up the outside of my foot and lower leg.

Today I’m volunteering at packet pickup and I’ll stay off it as much as possible, then re-assess tomorrow. Not the best way to go into a race weekend. Sigh.


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  1. Oh no! I’m not one to give advice about not running when you have injuries, so I won’t. 😉
    but I do hope that it feels better so that you can run safely.


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