Walk this way

What does one do the day after running 14 miles? Walks seven miles, obviously.

The Rogue Distance Festival is two weeks from today, and we volunteered to walk part of the route hanging cards on residents’ doors alerting them that the race travels past their houses.

IMG_7026The original 30K map had the race running right past my driveway, and I was excited because that meant after I finish the 10K, I could go home and park myself in my front yard to cheer on the 30K-ers. Alas, the organizers had to change the route for some reason, and now it travels through the adjacent neighborhood where I sometimes run. It’s only a quick hop through the empty lot across the street, so I’m still planning to cheer, but it’s slightly less cool than camping out in my own driveway.

IMG_7028Our door-hanging route map covered two sections of neighborhood and totaled about six miles, all said and done. Some streets, we zigzagged, covering the whole street in one direction; others, we walked up one side and back the other. One resident asked if the race is why he saw a guy riding the bike with the police escort a few days ago. I’d seen him too, and now it makes perfect sense.

Many houses were covered in Christmas lights and other festive decorations. This was my favorite:

IMG_7027Other observations:

  • Not a whole lot of people were outside. A few worked in their yards, some kids rode bikes, and a couple of folks ran or walked dogs. But despite the sunshine, most people stayed inside.
  • I saw no fewer than six different out-of-state license plates: Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, New Mexico, and Louisiana. Clearly, people continue to move to Austin. Sigh. No wonder it takes me 40 minutes to drive 13 miles home from work these days.
  • Quite a few people had not retrieved packages (and phone books) delivered to their front porches.
  • Dogs don’t like people approaching front doors. Once, what sounded like a large dog threw itself against the front door with a thump. And another time, a huge Rottweiler peeked over a the top of a six-foot fence at us. He obviously had some kind of elevated structure inside the yard, but all we could see was his head as he barked at us.
  • Every other driver had a phone glued to his/her head.
  • A lot of people drive way too fast down residential streets.

Fortunately, the weather was much more pleasant than yesterday. I wore last year’s Rogue 30K/10K shirt (I ran the 10K) and a jacket, which was mostly sufficient except when the wind picked up. Still, the sun was shining and we worked off that Tex-Mex lunch from earlier.

IMG_7031After we covered our assigned route, we rewarded ourselves with hot beverages from the neighborhood coffee shop, then walked the last mile home. According to Runkeeper, we covered seven miles. My training plan called for a 20-minute recovery run or cross-training. I’m going to say I achieved that.

And just in case the title of this post didn’t get Run DMC/Aerosmith stuck in your head, here you go:


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