I overdressed again

But in my defense, my weather app said it was 36*  (and it was windy and cold when I stepped outside), so long sleeves, tights, and gloves seemed reasonable.

I ran a different route today, just to mix things up. I cut through an empty lot to the adjacent neighborhood, then ran down to the middle school. I looped around the school, took a lap around the track, then headed back.

The gloves came off about a half-mile into it; I pushed up my sleeves and partially unzipped my top as I circled the track. After a week of rain and sleet and grey skies, I appreciated the sun, but it really jacked with my ability to select proper running attire this morning!

Other observations:

  • Crosswalks are merely suggestions; drivers should, by all means, continue talking on their phones as they roll through four-way stops while people are trying to use the crosswalks.
  • You know those electronic radar signs that alert drivers that they’re speeding on a neighborhood street? Try as I might, I could not activate that thing on foot.
  • I have no idea why a cyclist had a two-car police escort through the neighborhood. And it pissed off a few drivers not happy about having to slow down to, you know, 30ish, which of course made it worthwhile as far as I’m concerned.

As I off-roaded it back to my own neighborhood, I felt pretty good (other than being a bit warm) so I went left instead of right and ran the one-mile loop around my street. Take it when you can get it, right?

In other news, the 3M Half Marathon (my goal race) is just over a month away–January 19. I need–NEED–to shave five minutes off  my 2013 3M time–it’s what I’ve been working toward for the last four months. I feel pretty good about my ability to do this, although I wish my friend G (who paced me to a PR at the Army Ten-Miler) were going to be here to run with me!

And after talking to some friends at Rogue yesterday morning, I’m kind of also thinking about signing up for the Austin Half on February 16. My training group is actually the Austin Half group, but with M’s work schedule in February (plus my NJHS trip to Washington D. C.) I thought that training for this race might be a stretch, and I wanted to focus on vanquishing 3M. But… the race doesn’t conflict with my trip, and I could just stay in the training group for the duration rather than taking a break after 3M. Not sure yet.

Do you over/under dress for your runs?

What races do you have coming up at the first of the year?


11 thoughts on “I overdressed again

  1. I’ve got the Disney Dopey Challenge in Jan. Been training for months…can’t wait!
    Don’t worry about not having your pacer there…there will be tons of people to pace off of at the race!


  2. I never seem to dress properly; got it pretty close today – the hat and gloves came off, went back on, came off, went back on…warm in the sun, cool in the shade. Good thing I had a FuelBelt, very convenient to tuck stuff under – I hate carrying things!
    My first 26.2 is the same day as your 3M half, and I am thinking of doing the Houston Rhythm&Blues Half, Feb 9 (I’d rather run in Austin, but local vs. travel makes the decision), then Woodlands Half on 3-1, because that’s my birthday 🙂


  3. I always feel like I’m underdressed in the beginning when I’m freezing to death, but after like 5 minutes I feel overdressed! My gloves and headband have come off a few times for sure. And I love those half zip shirts, I can unzip it a little if I get too hot!


  4. I normally am pretty good about dressing correctly, but once in a while I find myself in the wrong attire. I’m not sure which is worse – being too hot or too cold. Neither are very fun!


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