I should have stayed in bed

I woke up with a hacking cough about two hours before my alarm: bad omen

A deer nearly ran out in front of me as I drove out to Rogue, but changed its mind: good omen

I snagged the best parking space at Rogue: good omen

Two out of three looks pretty good, huh? Except not. The deer could have been a bad omen just by virtue of its presence near the road as I was driving at 50mph. And getting the good parking space maybe meant I wouldn’t be able to walk really far after my run.

Nothing like seeing the glass half-empty, huh?

I was supposed to run 12 miles today, but really, the deck was stacked against me from the start. After Thursday’s five-mile Turkey Trot, I went to the Texas – Texas Tech football game. It was in the low 40s by the end of the game–a temperature Texans really aren’t accustomed to. Screaming for hours in the cold didn’t do great things for my asthmatic lungs, and on Friday I developed the same cough B had on Thanksgiving.

So when I woke up this morning–two hours early–and was coughing up a lung or two, I really should have just taken it as a sign and gone back to sleep. But alas, the schedule called for 12 miles, so 12 miles I would attempt. K called that dedicated. In hindsight, I think idiotic is a better word.

Today’s course was the 10-mile route through Brushy Creek Park, with a two-mile detour loop after exiting the park, before turning for home. I figured I’d shoot for 12 but bail on that detour if I needed to. As it turns out, even that was optimistic.


Hello Mr. Scorpion at Brushy Creek Park. I think you’re dead, so technically I’m having a better day than you are. Just barely.

I’m not going to relive every painful, miserable mile here. Let’s just say it was unpleasant from the start, and I walked a lot. My legs ached and felt heavy. The cold wind burned my throat and lungs. I breathed through my towel now and then, trying to get warm air to loosen up my airways, but it was a temporary fix at best. I’d worn only a short-sleeved shirt, thinking I’d warm up quickly in the 50-degree morning, but it turns out I wasn’t moving quickly enough for that. My hands hurt from the cold.

I turned around at the five-mile mark, and the whole way back I debated with myself about whether to turn right and go another two miles, or turn left and head back. I almost convinced myself that because I’d walked so much, I needed to do the extra leg to compensate. But as I came out of the park, I looked toward the detour street–it just looked so far away. I turned left.

I’m angry with myself for wimping out. But I hurt inside and out, and I finally decided it wasn’t worth it for two extra miles. Next week’s schedule calls for another 12 miles, and I’ll try again.

After a shower, coffee, and leftover turkey, I no longer feel like crying. But I am parking myself on my butt under my quilt to watch college football all day. Maybe I can shake this off with some rest.

Because…  did I mention we’re running a 5K tomorrow? A few weeks ago we signed up for the Jingle Bell 5K since we’ve run it the last couple of years. But it didn’t occur to me that December 1st is actually the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend! So yesterday I drove downtown and picked up race stuff for our second race in four days. Brilliant.

How do you rebound from a miserable run?

Ever done multiple races over a couple of days?

Can anyone make me stop coughing??


3 thoughts on “I should have stayed in bed

  1. You are a champion! I would have never talked myself into 12 miles with a cough! I would have just went for the rum in a hot toddy! Hoe you’re feeling better!


  2. You know what works for my coughs? Vics vapor rub on the soles of my feet which are then covered by nice warm socks. Works. Every. Time. =) And never done multiple races, so I’m no help there. But, the bad run I had was my first 8, and it stands as one of the worst runs to date. I came back by giving a few days to recover followed by getting right back out there.


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