Even the seat warmers couldn’t help me today

I thought getting out of bed would be the toughest part of my run. But I was wrong.

An Arctic Blast! blew in yesterday, bringing rain and temperatures in the 30s. One of the local news stations even made an infographic for it, so you know it was serious.

It rained on and off all night, and it was 34 degrees when I got up this morning. But I didn’t hear any rain, so I got up, dug out my cold-weather gear, and drove out to Rogue. A little drizzle hit my windshield as I got closer, but it didn’t look too bad.

Hat, ear warmers, gloves, jacket, podcasts (today’s was the Stuff You Should Know episode on JFK’s assassination) chapstick, and my phone in a ziplock just in case. And I was off.

The first 100 yards out the door was a shock, and I thought, “Why the hell am I doing this?” My eyes started watering from the wind. But I managed to acclimate or suck it up or something, because the next two miles or so weren’t that bad. Cold, but not torture. At the top of the hill by the high school, I passed a returning Rogue, and she commented on the brutality of the wind. It was at my back, so I wasn’t feeling it the way she was, but I knew that was my future.

My schedule only called for five miles, and as I made the turnaround I was really grateful I wasn’t running more than that–I’d seen some runners on my street this morning, so I knew some Rogues were going loooooong this morning. My legs were numb, my feet were cold, it had started to drizzle, and I knew I’d be running back into that headwind. But I kept telling myself that the work I put in now will pay off in January.

Normally I take it easy on that return hill, but not today. It’s not a steep hill, just long and gradual. And today it also included that wicked wind in my face, which pretty much stuck with me the rest of the way back. I powered up that sucker to get done faster! Then the last mile, Mother Nature added another degree of difficulty: rain. My jacket repelled the worst of it, but my shoes, pants, and the part of my shirt hanging below my jacket got doused. My ponytail dripped rainwater. Fortunately my headphones were under my ear warmer which was under my hat, so they were protected enough. I was glad I’d put my phone in a ziplock!

When I got back to Rogue, a beautiful sight awaited me:


Because this is what it looked like outside:


I enjoyed my hot chocolate, then headed out to meet the guys for pancakes–Whataburger was hosting a Bikes for Kids fundraiser, and who doesn’t want hot pancakes after running five freezing miles?

I got in my car and fired up the seat warmers. But even after driving the eight-ish miles to the Whataburger, my legs still hadn’t defrosted. I guess there are limits to those things after all.


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  1. I want a car with seat warmers so bad!!! You are pretty amazing for getting out there. I imagine I would have used one of the hundreds of excuses I have to not go out in that…


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