Blog Neglect

I’m sure you’ve been hitting refresh over and over, waiting for a new update. Right?

Sorry. I’ve kept up with my training schedule, but it was one of those weeks where I never got to sit down and organize my thoughts. My brain probably looks a lot like my desk–scattered piles of papers, a half-written quiz, coffee stains. I spent an inordinate amount of time putting together video projects each of my classes created–they’re awesome, but perfecting the final product (times six) is quite time-consuming. Some other aspects of my job frustrated me this week, plus my school has two major deadlines coming up and it’s been hectic around campus. I ate lunch at my desk two or three days–something I almost never do since that 25 minutes is one of the few opportunities I get to rant bounce ideas around with my colleagues.

Still, Monday I went to core class, and Tuesday I had my regular half-marathon training. We ran out to the high school football stadium (1.25 miles) and then ran a three-mile loop. The goal was to run just fast enough you couldn’t carry on a conversation. It was dark by the time we started, and there was a lot of traffic, but the route didn’t require us to cross any streets. The only real obstacle was the deer intestines on the sidewalk, presumably from the deer carcass a few feet away in the grass. Yuck.

I felt like I ran strong, and I was fully prepared to walk back to Rogue as a reward. But everyone else started running and I had no choice but to follow. Damn. My hip flexors were a little sore afterwards, so I went to my sports doc on Wednesday. I’ve also kept up with my foam rolling. Small things that hopefully will keep me healthy through the winter!

Wednesday and Thursday I ran my usual neighborhood loops. Friday was a rest day, and this morning I headed out at 7am for ten miles. It was a bit chilly, overcast, and I felt a few raindrops as I started out. The first 2.5 miles follow the sidewalks to Brushy Creek Sports Park, where it turns to gravel trail. I ran the first five miles straight through, stopping only at a couple of crosswalks and slowing once for water. The trail had some damage from last week’s flooding, so it required a bit more concentration to keep my footing.

Along the way I saw:

  • a cow
  • two Christmas photo shoots–kids in red velour dresses, mini Christmas trees, the whole nine yards
  • a remote-controlled boat zipping around the lake
  • a bunch of Rogues, looking strong!

At the five-mile mark, I turned around and immediately felt tired and sore. I don’t think it was the distance–five miles isn’t generally a problem for me these days–but perhaps my muscles were working a little harder to compensate for the uneven gravel of the trail? I’m not sure, but the trip back was definitely more difficult (and much slower) than the first half.

Coffee, a couple of quesadillas, and football on TV helped recovery, but I definitely felt a bit sore throughout the afternoon. Nothing major–I should be able to manage an easy 20-minute recovery run tomorrow.

Then the whole thing starts over again.


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  1. I love documenting the randomness that you see. Made me laugh out loud to read about the photo shoots (trees and all), reminds me that the season really is upon us!


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