I wasn’t going to run tonight…

… but I had a frustrating day at work and thought it would be healthier to run it off instead of vent on Facebook. So around 6:30 I headed out with a bottle of water and my Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me podcast for a couple of miles around the neighborhood.

Some observations:

  • That woman in the minivan was TOTALLY aiming for me this time, as she swung eeeeeextra wide to make her turn.
  • What was making that rustling noise in the weeds by the creek??
  • Lots of people park in the street facing the wrong direction–they go the opposite way from traffic. For a long time I didn’t realize this was a thing, but now I can’t NOT see it.
  • That house with the dogs? You need a better fence. I don’t particularly enjoy large, barking, snarling, free-range canines hurtling toward me.
  • Squirrel has to mean stupid rodent in some obscure language.

Running helped, but I still have to go back tomorrow and deal with more of the same. This sort of sums up my week:


5 thoughts on “I wasn’t going to run tonight…

  1. Haha I have the same vents! Squirrels and chipmunks are literally trying to commit suicide by running directly in front of me. Why not run the other way?!?! Also, acorns are trying to murder me by falling really close to my head. A leaf once fell on me and I thought I was being murdered! Who knew how dangerous fall could be?


  2. Enjoyed this and likely also would have enjoyed the “venting on Facebook”! Nice that you are able to inject a little humour into what sounds like a nasty day. Hope things start to look up as the w/e approaches!


    • Thank you! And I forgot to mention the live music blaring from my neighbor’s house. I could still hear it nearly a quarter-mile away. You know, just another day in my ‘hood. 😉


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