Jelly legs

Monday evening I went to core class at Rogue. But don’t misunderstand–this is not simply an ab class. On Monday we worked with medicine balls which included throwing them, using them to make push-ups and planks even more heinous challenging. and cracking adolescent ball jokes.

Tuesday, M and I ran the hike and bike trail. It was 102* when we started, so we ran just the three-mile loop from Austin High, across the pedestrian bridge, over Barton Creek, and back across the lake to our starting point. M had run Monday night, so our collective quads were feeling pretty sore by the time we finished. We took it pretty easy, including a couple of photo stops along the way.


Can you see Pac Man on the train bridge?


I hardly recognize the Austin skyline anymore.


Lamar Bridge

This morning I had an appointment with my sports chiro. Even though my hip flexor hasn’t given me any trouble, I’m still having him work on it–I start training again in September and want to do whatever I can to prevent any kind of relapse on these injuries. But wow, by the time he was done, I could barely lift my legs. The muscles were shaking, just complete jelly from three straight days of exertion.

I think this warrants a relaxing day on the couch with my book, don’t you?