The run that wasn’t

On Thursday morning’s run, I noticed my lower back was a little sore after a mile or two. It was the kind of ache I get after 12 or 13 miles–not completely unusual, but definitely not typical for single-digit distances. But the rest of the day I was fine, so I just chalked it up to One of Those Things.

Then Friday, I woke up with more of the same kind of pain. It happens sometimes when I sleep wrong and then goes away once I get up, so I didn’t really think anything of it. Except that when I leaned down to pick something up from the couch, those lower back muscles seized up and knocked the breath right out of me. Aleve took the edge off, but pretty much the rest of the day I spent on the couch with pillows positioned juuuuuust right. I watched a movie, I got caught up on Time and Sports Illustrated.

By dinnertime, I had to face the fact that B and I would not be going out for our eight-mile run in the morning. Ugh. Our Running Mad event is a week from today, and I was counting on today’s run to improve our preparedness level from “uh oh” to “maybe.” There’s something mentally reassuring about reaching the halfway point and more, and I wanted B to have that satisfaction before the event itself. So while I didn’t mind sleeping in this morning, I am also disappointed about a missed opportunity.

This morning it feels better. It’s no longer frozen in pain, just sore, kind of like the way my ab muscles feel a few days after core class. I can live with that. So today I’ll get off the couch and move around a bit. Nothing strenuous, just enough to keep the muscles loose. Then perhaps we can try that eight-mile run in a day or two.


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