Hydration, in various forms

After completing the Runner’s World running streak on Independence Day, I took July 5th off. We were visiting my husband’s family at a resort on Lake LBJ for the holiday weekend, we’d spent all day in the sun, and I was tired. I intended to run a couple of miles this morning–I even went as far as organizing my stuff for an easy exit–but I slept in (not sure how that’s possible when eight of us were sharing a house, but there it was) and then, remembering that I hate running in the morning, I decided to go to the pool with my kid instead.


Lazy v. 2.0

After lunch, the dog and I drove home (well, she’s a slacker and just sat in the back seat…) and around 5:30 I headed to the Brushy Creek trail, hoping to put in six miles. Because it was on the warm side, I decided to park at the Sports Park because it’s kind of in the middle, and I could go a few miles each direction, stopping at the car (I had a small cooler in the trunk) for ice as I headed the other way. The trail has a number of water/restroom stops, but I prefer icewater unless I’m desperate.

For the first leg, I headed under the bridge and out to Brushy Creek Lake, past the sprinkler park and over the dam. I turned around at the far side of the dam and headed back to the Sports Park for more ice.

There’s a guy out there in a canoe. His recreation is more pleasant than mine at the moment.

From the Sports Park to the YMCA it’s about 2.5 miles of pretty shady trail, so after I refilled my water bottle, I headed the other direction. I was slow, and there was walking, but I made it out and back for a grand total of 6.65 miles. I think that’s the longest I’ve run since the Cleveland Half back in May. Certainly the furthest I’ve gone in 95* temperatures!

The real reason for the cooler in the trunk

The real reason for the cooler in the trunk

I drink a lot of this lime water on an average day, but ice-cold after a long, hot run? Aaaaaaamazing. I drank a second bottle with the Vietnamese food I picked up on the way home. 🙂


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