Road trip to Space Camp, part one

Friday morning, we hit the road for Space Camp, which is not in Houston like most people think, but in Huntsville, Alabama. That meant a two-day road trip through four states.

The thing about living in Austin is that you can drive for six hours in any direction and still not leave the state. And that proved true for us. We got stuck in a massive traffic jam on I35 south of Salado, then took smaller roads from Waco to Tyler in an effort to avoid Dallas. Finally, six hours later, we crossed into Louisiana. By dinnertime we had reached Monroe, and having been on the road for more than eight hours, we decided to stop for the night.

We figured we’d stay near the university–odds were good it would be a safe place to take a short run, something we all needed to do after a day in the car. Plus I had my RW Run Streak to keep alive! But barely into West Monroe, we spotted a giant metal crane (bird, not construction) standing alongside the road, next to what appeared to trail running trail. Lo and behold, a hotel (and the obligatory Hooters) sat adjacent to the trail. So yes, I chose this night’s lodging based on its proximity to a giant metal waterfowl.

I think it's actually a blue heron,not a crane. But still awesome.

I think it’s actually a blue heron,not a crane. But still awesome.

The trail turned out to be part of Restoration Park, and the path made a mile-long loop under a huge canopy of trees, around a wetland area.


There was an actual crane standing in the water about where the bridge turns to the right.

B and I ran about 1.25 miles–it was gorgeous, but so so humid. The tree cover provided shade, but it also trapped the warm bayou air. So after a quick photo op, we headed back to the hotel for showers and dinner.

Restoration Park, Monroe, Louisiana

Restoration Park, Monroe, Louisiana

Tomorrow: Mississippi and Alabama!