Run this town


Good morning, Arizona!

It’s summertime, which means my son and I will do some traveling. The last couple of summers I’ve discovered that taking a run through a new city is a fantastic way to explore, whether I’ve been there before or not. Two summers ago I ran along the south rim of the Grand Canyon, and last year we ran through NYC’s Central Park.

So next week, as we take a road trip through the South, I’ll toss in my running gear and continue my Runner’s World run streak in several new cities. The challenge, of course, is finding scenic–and safe–routes. I have a couple of iPhone apps I’m going to try–mapmyrun and localeikki (which–full disclosure–I’m helping to beta test), but I’d love to hear any BTDT advice too.

For those of you who run when you travel, help me keep my running streak alive!

How do you find a good route?

Or do you just wing it?


3 thoughts on “Run this town

  1. I have no idea. I haven’t run on vacation yet. The only real vacation I took (when I wasn’t told not to run due to injury) was to Atlantis when Hurricane Sandy blew through. 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing how other people manage it.


  2. I usually just wing it. As long as I have my iPhone to track where I am in case I get lost, some cash or a credit card, and I don’t take any stupid risks (unmarked trails), I love just going and going. Especially in NYC where you can always jump on the subway if you get too far from home or tired.


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