National Running Day

Not only is today National Running Day, it was also the last day of school. brvrtkou_1370474431

This has been a tough year for me–my district has dealt with severe budget cuts the last two years, which led to a significant increase in class sizes. I teach middle school Language Arts–a writing-intensive course in my state–and huge class sizes mean huge stacks of essays that take forever to evaluate. My school is ridiculously overcrowded, with more than 1500 kids in a 45-year old building that originally housed about half that number. Many of these students experienced academic and/or personal challenges on top of those typical middle school issues. We also had three new administrators this year, one of whom seemed to take a particular dislike to, well, most of the staff.

Oh and I trained for–and completed–three half-marathons. This school year I also achieved a personal best time at the 10-mile distance, at the 10K, and twice at the 5K.

It was tough, but it turns out I am tougher.


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