Pay it forward

Summertime in Texas means fewer road races. Other than a few heat-themed night runs and a couple of beach races down at the coast, not much goes on between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I’m okay with that, especially this summer when I need a chance to take it easy and let myself recover a bit. But I also decided I wanted to volunteer at a race, sort of as a way to give back. I’ve been so grateful to all the volunteers at the races I’ve run, from folks working the expo to those at the water stops to the ones handling out medals or Popsicles or towels.

I searched for upcoming events and found a few possibilities, but their websites provided absolutely no information about volunteering. I expanded my search a bit and found a Rogue trail race more than an hour away (no bueno when you’re talking a 5:45am volunteer shift) and a couple of triathlons. I was hesitant about the triathlons–I’ve never done one and don’t know the first thing about what kind off support they need. But I clicked on a link for Iron Girl Austin and saw a well-organized website with a link for volunteers. They listed a dozen different shifts for the expo and more than that for the race itself. I decided working the expo would allow me to being working toward my goal of paying it forward in such a way that my tri-ignorance wouldn’t screw up anyone’s race day experience.

So I’ll be volunteering at packet pickup next Saturday, June 1 in an attempt to return the favor provided by so many volunteers I’ve encountered over the past year. And I’ll be looking for other opportunities too, as a way to pay it forward.