I’m a planner. Seriously. I make lists and piles, then pester everyone with my OCD-style nattering about inconsequential details. And since I’m traveling on Friday to Cleveland to run the half-marathon with two friends, the list-making started eleventy-four days ago.

I’m excited about this trip for a bunch of reasons. One, I’m meeting two great friends for the weekend. We are going to do dorky tourist things and laugh ourselves silly. And two, it’s a nostalgic walk down (fuzzy, probably inaccurate) Memory Lane for me. I was born in Cleveland and lived there until I was 3.5; after we moved, we visited my grandparents every year or so, at least until I was a teen. I still have family there, and thanks to Facebook, I’ve been in touch with my cousin and will get to see her for the first time since we were kids. And she’s running the half too!

So not only is everyone within earshot (or text range) subjected to my annoying babble about the race, and what race crap I need to pack, and whether everything will fit into my carry-on, and OMG is it going to rain? My parents were also forced to answer questions (What was our street address in Lakewood? Why do I remember someone hitting the side of the house with the car mirror?) and search Google Street View to find the right house from 1970-freaking-four. And once I get there Friday, my friends will be required to participate in some drive-by stalking of the old ‘hood.


Thanks to the wonder of Google, we found it. And it’s easy to see how someone could get too close with the car mirror. Memory win!

Then there’s the small matter of the race itself. Oh yeah. I’ve been training more or less continuously since last July, with only short breaks after each of my two previous half-marathons. I have a time goal, but I’ve been battling this calf thing (and recurring hip flexor thing) so I’m not sure my goal is realistic. But the course is pretty flat and the weather should be, well, if not cool, at least not Texas hot. I just hope it doesn’t rain! Can you imagine the complaining that will ensue on race day if I have to deal with that? K said she’s got headphones just in case she needs to drown me out. And J will be way ahead, totally out of earshot. 😉