Spectator sport

My sports doctor/chiropractor has worked miracles for me this year–he fixed my hip problem after my first half-marathon, and he’s working on my newest calf issue. IMG_5340So when he invited me to sign up for his 5K, I wanted to participate. However, my half-marathon is next Sunday, and I didn’t think it’d be a good idea to race three weekends in a row on this funky calf, so I got my son to run it instead.

It rained hard last night, and I wondered if the weather would get in the way of the race. But it was sunny and clear as we got out of the car at Brushy Creek Park.

The Wacky 5K was a super-small race–I think maybe 30 people turned out. I told B there weren’t many kids and he had a good chance to place in his age group! It was so small, they got everyone together for a group picture at the starting line.

Did I mention it was a costume race? IMG_5352Well, you could run without a costume, but he tacked on five minutes to your finishing time–one guy got bumped from the top three because he was costume-less! B wore his Indiana Jones costume from a couple of Halloweens ago. His whip was AWOL, but the hat still fit. I thought he might actually look like Indy at some point, with his hat flying off as he ran down the trail. But he said it stayed on–and there were no rolling boulders. Or nuclear fridges. Some of the costumes were really fun. My favorite was the family of four, each holding bicycle handlebars, running in a line and ringing a bicycle bell. Clever!

I enjoyed being a spectator–I don’t get to do that very often, and it’s fun cheering everyone on. Of course, there’s not much to do between the starting horn and when the lead runners return (it was an out-and-back course), but even in a costume race, it didn’t take that long. The winner–a clown–finished in about 21  minutes. I wondered how B would do by himself–usually he runs the first mile of a 5K with his dad. This time he was on his own.

Last week, he set a personal best of 30:19.IMG_5363 When thirty minutes passed today, I knew he wouldn’t PR. But it turned out he wasn’t far behind that pace. He finished in 31:38–his second-fastest 5K ever, good for 11th overall and 2nd in the 19-and-under age group. The kid who beat him was at least 13–tough category. I loved watching the determination on his face as he ran toward the finish line. I don’t normally get to see that–either he’s way ahead of me, or we’re running together.

The final finisher was a young girl–maybe six years old–and her family. They wore butterfly wings and walked the whole thing. She won her age group. 🙂