Dr. Google

I went out for a short three-mile loop around the neighborhood this morning. It was mostly like yesterday’s 11-miler, except with more loose dogs that chased after me, and a car that almost sideswiped me. And yeah, that nagging leg pain.

So when I got home, I consulted Dr. Google. I checked out about a zillion diagrams of lower leg anatomy (and can’t every English major make an accurate medical diagnosis from Google Images??) I’m beginning to think that my problem is not with my calf–the gastrocnemius muscle–but with either the upper part of the Achilles tendon or the lower soleus muscle where it meets the Achilles.

Most people, it appears, who have Achilles pain feel it more in the heel (here’s where the English major makes a Greek mythology reference about Achilles’ vulnerable heel), and that doesn’t bother me at all. But even if it’s not the Achilles itself, it’s definitely painful at the point where the muscles and the tendon meet.

And of course there’s not much I can do for it. Ice, tape, ibuprofen, rest.  Oh, and see my sports doctor for a real assessment. That’s on the schedule for tomorrow.


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