Last summer, we ran a 5K beach race in Galveston, and when we arrived to pick up our packets, there was momentary confusion because someone with the same first and last name as me had already picked up her stuff. It took us all a few minutes to realize there were two of us!

And this isn’t the only time she and I have run the same race. Every so often when I check race results on Athlinks, I have to pay close attention to hometown and age group information so I don’t accidentally claim her races for my own. This is a new experience for me. Despite having one of the most common names of the 1970s, growing up I never actually knew too many people with the same first name as me, and never the same first AND last names.

So imagine my surprise when, after I got an email from the Austin 10/20 offering text tracking, I went to sign up so my husband (the guy with the super-common first-last name combination) could track me during the race. I entered my name, and two of us popped up in the search results.

I beat her in the 5K, and now I’m tempted to sign up to track her just so I can stay ahead of her this time too.



7 thoughts on “Doppel-namer

    • I live in Austin and train with Rogue in CP, actually. But I’m waaaaaaay too slow for y’all! That, and I am at work by 7. I just live vicariously through James on FB on that one. But thanks!


      • I’m finishing the spring half marathon group (which ends with the 10/20 but I’m actually training for a half in May) and I have signed up for the summer long run thing so will at the very least be out there for that.


  1. hey, just change your name to Cooper McCann and it will fix that double name problemo.



  2. The only other Bill McCann I knew was my father, until I got to Austin, where I discovered several other Bill McCanns, including a guy who worked for the city. I was covering City Hall, among other things, for the American-Statesman at the time. When the name Bill McCann flashed on the computer of the then city manager, he practically flipped out, I am told, because he thought I had hacked into the city computer system. He only calmed down after being assured that the name he was seeing flashing on his computer was the other guy, not me.


  3. I HATE people with my first name.


    Anyway, there’s a Melissa Nguyen that is 1 year younger than me and also attended UT. She and I got a lot of mixed up Facebook friend requests. She and I have never met, but we’re pretty good friends on fbook. And her younger sister was in my new teacher cohort! Small world!


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