Change of scenery, part one

Spring is always hectic around here (and yeah, late February in Texas = spring) because my husband travels for work from February through mid-April, right about the time my son’s lacrosse season starts. Add in my half-marathon training and my own work chaos, and this time of year I spend most of my time running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off.

Until now, my training runs have either been with Rogue or in my neighborhood. But last night, B had lacrosse practice in a park that also has a great running path. It’s a half-mile out and back in each direction from the lacrosse fields, so I can run four miles by hitting the whole circuit twice, all while B and his teammates are smacking each other with sticks running practice drills.

When I started at 5:30, it was about 75 degrees and sunny. I headed down the west trail first, passing some ROTC guys doing some kind of calisthenics and folks walking dogs. This part of the trail has a bridge that does weird things to my sense of balance–it feels like it sways as I run across it–but otherwise it’s a pleasant and wide trail.

I completed the first out and back (crossing that damned bridge twice) and followed the path downhill toward the creek bed. It’s been so dry, the creek is really just a trickle of slimy water. The path crosses the creek in several places, and it’s a great little hill workout. So after I finished the eastern out-and-back, I ran down, across, and up the opposite bank, then back again. I think I did that four times, then hit the western trail again and repeated the whole loop.

I finished with four miles and something like 10 creek bed hill repeats. I felt strong, passing people on the trail and bounding up the inclines. And my final mile was the fastest of the four–finally, something resembling a negative split!

After my run, I sat in the grass watching the end of lacrosse practice, a gorgeous sunset dropping behind the trees.


I’ll miss my long run on Saturday and my Tuesday training because I’m taking 60 eighth-grade honor society students to Washington D.C. for four days. But my friend J lives a few miles from my hotel, and we are planning a short run Monday morning, which makes me happy despite the stupidly early hour it will require.

Stay tuned.


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  1. oooh I know what you mean about the bridge! there’s one on our training route that does the same thing- messes with my cadence and everything. I hate it!


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