Recurring theme

Yesterday I felt like I was somehow involved in the Battle of Hoth. I’d like to think of myself as the heroic fighter pilot who saved the day with quick thinking, fast reflexes, and a giant steel cable. But more likely, judging from my slow plodding gait, I was the Imperial Walker brought to its knees in the snow.

So today, in what has become a recurring theme around here, I went out and ran a few miles just to prove that I could do it. I fired up yesterday’s episode of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, borrowed the bluetooth headphones I gave my husband for Christmas, and took off for my usual three-mile loop around the neighborhood.

When I started out, it was two hours later and probably 15 degrees warmer than yesterday’s run, both of which worked to my advantage. I took it easy, mindful of the shoe acclimation situation, and overall everything felt good. Less like a stumbling AT-AT and more like, oh, an elderly Tauntaun (speaking of a recurring theme, these Star Wars references are getting out of hand…).

The bluetooth headphones rendered me completely hands-free, something I don’t generally experience. Often I carry water and a towel, plus I hold on to my headphone cable to keep if from flapping around. But not today, and I kinda liked it. In the past I’ve had trouble finding headphones that stay put–the regular Apple earbuds are great for low-impact activities but not exercise. I like my Yurbuds, with the squishy things and the sport loops, but there’s the cord to contend with.

Plantronics BackBeat 903

Plantronics BackBeat 903

These didn’t move, they sounded good, and most importantly, they didn’t seem to have any effect on my iPhone battery at all. I’d resisted bluetooth headphones before because when I’m going 13.1 miles, I don’t want battery failure to strike down my music at mile 12, you know? But at least on this run, my battery only dropped to 99% with the podcast and the bluetooth in use. I have a day or so left on my Amazon Prime account, so I’ve ordered myself a pair–they should be here midweek.

So with that, I’ve solved a problem I didn’t know I had. Now I need to figure out why so many of my Saturday long runs have become difficult. Is it that I’m so tired after the workweek that I don’t have a good attitude about getting up early on Saturday too? Or is it because 7am means colder temperatures and my muscles rebel? I need Jedi-master Yoda here to teach me how to get my act together, I guess.

Okay, okay. I’m done with the Star Wars stuff. 😉