Recovery run

All weekend I joked that I had the plague, but it was really just a cold. I lazed around a bit Saturday and by Sunday I had mostly recovered, so this morning (since it’s a school holiday) the small person and I went for a run on Brushy Creek trail. It was a gorgeous morning–short sleeve weather–and lots of people were out. We started at the sports park and ran southwest-ish, toward the YMCA. I stashed our membership cards in my pocket in case we needed to stop and get water before heading back.


Make way for ducklings!

The trail is great–a wide concrete path for runners, walkers, and cyclists. Rustic-looking bridges. The occasional historical marker. And lots and lots of animal footprints in the concrete.

We ran about 2.25 miles along the trail, identifying the animal tracks along the way. Ducks and raccoons were pretty obvious, but others left us puzzled. A few looked like chicken feet, or maybe grackles or crows. Another could have been a rabbit. What does an opossum footprint look like? And wow a few tracks belonged to HUGE canines. Considering no human feet tracked alongside them, I wondered if they were coyotes or some other large dog. Yowza.

The tracks almost always moved in a straight line across the path toward the creek, although every once in a while the footprints looked like the poor animals had gotten confused and made a quick circle back onto the grass. I could just hear them asking, “Ugh! What’s this sticky stuff on my feet?”


Y not?

When we got to the YMCA, we noticed a different set of tracks. Instead of footprints, they were Ys. Clever.

The YMCA has been building an indoor pool for forever. They started sometime around December 2011 and it was supposed to be finished this past December. Slowest. Construction project. Ever. It’s still not done, although there is water in the pool and it looks pretty close. The construction limited people’s access to the outdoor pool all summer, so I haven’t been there much during the last 6+ months. But all of their improvements look spiffy, so perhaps I’ll spend more time at the Y this year, once the New Years Resolutioners fade away. 😉


In the 1880s, the railroad carried granite from the quarries over this trestle to be used in the construction of the state capitol building. Huge blocks of granite fell off trains now and then–they’re scattered on the ground here.

We checked out the new facilities, got some water, and headed out for the return trip on the trail. Before long, we were back at the old railroad trestle. Up the hill, across the park, back to the car. By the time we finished, we’d gone almost 4.5 miles.

I’m pretty sure that’s the furthest my kid has run… ever. We’ve done the Capitol 10K before, but we haven’t run it straight through. Other than the stop at the YMCA, we ran the whole way today. Not a bad way to spend an hour-ish, now that I have recovered from the plague.


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  1. The longest construction project ever, truly, must be the Oltorf St. work, whatever the hell they’re doing. One resident of the area posted signs comparing it to the construction of the Hoover Dam, which was faster.


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