Next half-marathon in T-minus one week

I’m excited about my friend J coming from out of state to run the 3M half marathon, not exactly together, but we are running the same race. I’m excited that my nine-year old wants to run the last half-mile with me. And I’m excited about the shirt and the medal–I’m a sucker for a tech tee and a medal! But I’m not excited about running 13.1 miles. It just sounds so much easier than it actually is.

Today’s 7.8-mile run was better than last week’s hideous 9.awful, but let’s be honest, that bar was pretty low. It was a little warmer today and the route was one I generally like–some hills, some different neighborhoods, and enough change of scenery to distract me from the distance. But I was still slow, and it was still only about half the distance I’ll need to cover next Sunday.

I haven’t run 13.1 since the San Antonio half–and it was humid and gross that day, so ideally, I should be able to beat that time in the 3M. But I’m on kind of shaky ground with that, since the last couple of long runs have been, um, challenging for me. But as they say, trust your training. I’ve put in the work, so I’m hoping the training (and some race-day adrenaline) will kick in and help me along to a new half-marathon PR.

Wish me luck.



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