The final countdown

Da na na nah…. da na na na na….

Yep, one week to go before my first half-marathon. I’ve gone from three-mile training runs in the July heat to 13.1 on a cool Saturday two weeks ago to a frigid 10-mile race last Sunday. I’m as prepared as I’m gonna get, and I feel pretty good about it.

For some reason I’m not too worried about doing this. Not like I was before the 10-miler, anyway. I know I can do this distance–I’ve trained hard, I’ve followed the schedule, and I showed up at all the workouts. My hip isn’t 100%, but I can manage. At this point, lots of things hurt at various points of my runs!

This week is pretty light–last night I ran almost six miles (I was supposed to do seven, but I didn’t leave until the Texas – Texas Tech football game ended, and I ran out of daylight) and this morning my son, my dad, and I hit the hike-and-bike trail for three miles around the lake. Now all that’s left is my Tuesday training group, three miles on Thursday, and a trip to the expo to get my stuff.

Lighters in the air, people. It’s the final countdown.