Double digits

I know this should feel like some kind of accomplishment–ten miles. All at once.

But for some reason, it doesn’t. My hip flexor started feeling funky pretty early on, and the course had several hilly sections, so altogether  I’d say I walked probably four miles of the ten. And the ones I ran were at a pace so slow, my Garmin probably thought I was still walking. Hell, those ultrarunners at mile 98 of a 100-miler across the Mojave or through the Himalayas don’t run as slowly as I ran today.

My cheering section said “Way to go!” and “Congrats on your longest run ever!” but it feels kind of like I’m cheating to accept that praise. I didn’t run it all. And if I run the half marathon at the pace I set today, it will be a pretty embarrassing finish. I know, I know, finishing IS winning. Still, I have two months to work at it, and I intend to. My schedule for the next four weeks shows long runs of 10, 5, 10. and 12, so I’ll have multiple opportunities to improve.

So yeah. I completed ten miles this morning. Running ten miles? Perhaps next time.