Half the distance to the goal

In college football, “half the distance to the goal” is how the referees mark off a penalty in which there’s not enough room to assess the full distance because it’s close to the end zone–say they’re on the 8 yard line and it’s a 10-yard penalty, they mark off half the distance instead. But depending on which goal you’re looking at (and which side of the ball you’re playing), it can be a lucky break, or it can be a total disaster.

Where am I going with this? Well, today I finished 6.75 miles, which is halfway to my goal of 13.1.

It was painfully slow (emphasis on painful–my leg muscles were really sore today, almost from the beginning) but I made forward progress. I have a lot of work to do–I’m only a few weeks into my training program, nowhere near the halfway point of that yet. But half the distance, today, right now, feels pretty damn good. To continue the football analogy, today’s run wasn’t a spectacular one-handed diving catch–more like a plodding ground game churning up a few yards at a time. But a touchdown (or 6.75 miles) is still a touchdown no matter how you get there.

Cue the fight song.